With our regular cleaning service, you will feel confident to know we are...

RELIABLE...No annoying day changes!

EFFICIENT...We won't waste time!

EXPERIENCED...We have proven experience and a 7-year track record!

REGULAR CLEANING ASSESSMENT...We assess the standard of your clean regularly!

HUNGRY FOR FEEDBACK...We want your thoughts and suggestions on our service!

Regular Cleaning for your home

A regular clean can be exactly what you want each week of fortnight​


A person that is trained, friendly and reliable will be your regular cleaner.  We may perform some or all of the cleaning listed below.  How much we do is up to you!


An idea of what your regular clean may include:


Clean countertops, Clean small kitchen appliances, Stove exterior, Refrigerator exteriors, Cabinet exteriors, Dishwasher & bin exteriors, Sink, Taps & drain,  Dust window sills. Kitchen table and any other shelves. General Straighten.



Showers cleaned, bathtub cleaned and sanitized, glass doors, vanity and sink cleaned, taps, cabinets wiped down, mirrors and chrome shined, doors, door frames wiped down, ceiling vents cleaned of dust and debris.

Toilet - Toilet bowl, windowsills, general wipe down.





Bathrooms, kitchen, toilet, other mop-able areas.


General Cleaning 

Furniture dusted and/or polished, cobwebs removed, windowsills and ledges dusted, picture frames, lampshades, and knick-knacks dusted. Stairs vacuumed.

Tasks that are done on a rotational basis

Polish furniture, Move and clean under furniture.  Clean exposed heat pumps, fireplace fronts, light fixtures, wash door frames and doors, polish kitchen cabinets, Wash kitchen baseboards/splash boards, polish bathroom cabinets.